As the first month of 2017 comes to a close, so does the completion of my new website. This website was a wonderful collaboration between Nick Kramer and I. Nick is one of my best friends and a really fantastic web developer.

The project started out as an idea to make my portfolio website more functional to users trying to view my content. I wanted to stay within my website when the user clicked on a project and not just see a big picture, but also text about what the project was about, the development of the project, and any insights I gained as a professional.

I wanted the website to be simple, but powerful enough to show the wide variety of skills I have. Thus came the single page navigation, where the user can click through 4 categories of skills, but never load a seperate page. I also wanted a nice way to show the projects title without adding bulky headers and what not.

After finishing the design of the website, I took the project Nick and sat down with him on skype, gave him a design document so he could have a reference and then told him what I would like to see. He came up with the idea of using a CMS for me to have the ability to constantly update my website easily. I thought the idea was great, but was worried that wordpress may not be my solution (I simply dont like wordpress). Nick's solution was GRAV, a flat file cms that would appease the inner designer in me while mainting simple access to the developer in me when I need to hard code a change. Nick you beautiful butterfly, you did it.

We then decided that we would release this as a theme to the GRAV community, and my site would be the flagship. This way we were solving a problem for more than ourselves, but for other artists looking for a functional website to simply display their art and talk about their process.

Long story short, here we are, at launch of my portfolio site, stay tuned for additonal content as I create more experiences with Unity and working towards becoming a full time game creator.

Thanks everyone, and shout out to my wife, who dealt with more than she needs to so that this collaboration was easy since we are 250+ miles from Nick <3