VR Wrist Menu

While working with Pixo, I was asked to redesign their programmer art wrist menu. This is the result, with options for changing out colors and using unified icon design throughout the menu. The Information displayed needed to be clear and ledgible, you use the VR controller's Analog stick to point to the option you want. The Arrow in the center would point to the object, highlight it with an accent color, and also update the text field below so the user could read what the option was. This gave the wrist menu a clean look, while still completly informing beginner users of the functionality of each button.

The Idea: Modularity, to give the wrist menu a robust feature set based on which module needed it.

If all that was needed were single options, the wrist menu can be filled with same size buttons that are all based on a single click to start the function. image here

If there needed to be "Stickied" options such as a Tool menu, back button, etc, the bottom would have larger buttons that stayed and the buttons above could become layered if needed.

All of this while giving the option for ease of branding change and keeping information clear.




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