Vampolakas-WoW Art Contest

This was a personal project for the 2014 World of Warcraft art contest. I wanted to attempt to submit under two categories: Character and environment. So i started concepted out a character, then a backstory, then an environment. below are the concept drawings.

After the character sheet was finished, I created a back story about the Vampolakas people. "Vamp" -- for vampire, and "-olokas" for greek term regarding vampires, Vrykolakas. I then structred their archecture in an eastern europe russian feel, which was set into the side of a mountian and at the entrance of a cave, like the Predjama Grad: Slovenia’s castle in a cave. which then tunneled down into an underground city where the Vampolakas people lived during the day.

[image here]


Photoshop, 3ds Max

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