Bosch Node Room

This Training Simulation required Car Technicians to trouble shoot problems in the electrical system of the car. The issues were represented with the car and the user would make it see through by pressing a diagnos button, if there were issues, nodes would pop up with colored issues. The user would "enter" a node and while inside, the lights on the floor and recessed parts of the node cube would be red, and once the user stepped through and solved the issue(such as scanning the wires, fixing the wires or stepping through a diagnosis UI) they could continue onto the next 'node' or exit to the shop. I created every 3D object, baked lighting/textures and the User Interface inside this project

The User Interface was built off my User Interface Atlas from another project, this was one of the first production projects to utilize the UI Atlas.

These cubes were procedurally generated from a list of options as well


Blender, Photoshop, Unreal

Another Project

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