About Me

My name is Ian Chase, I am a Father, Husband, and Artist.

Professional Bio:

Beginning with traditional art foundations and after avid study of Graphic Design, I received an Associates of Science in Graphic Design and transferred to Eastern Michigan University to study and receive a Bachelor's of Science in Simulation, Animation, and Gaming. I have been Freelancing since 2011 and have participated in several Game Jams, and developed 2 mobile Virtual Reality applications for 2 companies. I have found my love in UI design and development because it mixes the technical and the art aspect of application creation and allows me to use both my 2d and 3d skills.

Personal Bio:

Family is everything to me, When specialists told my wife she wouldn't be able to have kids, we were blessed with my eldest daughter Addison in 2013 while I was in my first year at Eastern. in 2015 we gave her a sister, Quinn, who is a bundle of sass and laughter, and finally in 2017, Crosby, my son and 3rd child!

I love all forms of music, Rap, Rock, Indie and more. I use to play in a band where I played guitar and sang. I've been skateboarding on and off since I was 15 years old. I would love to retire by pressing my own boards and screen printing the graphic I create on them. Hobbies include spending time with my kids and wife, creating art, remodeling my house, and an occasional Video Game (because you can't play them all the time if you want to make them.)