Dribbble Anniversary Shot

This project was completed for Dribbble's 5th anniversary contest. Dribbble is a website for designers to show what they have worked on and to share the latest trends, I love it for all forms of digital art, 3D, Motion graphics, graphic design and more.

I wanted this project to be feel epic and follow the theme of the website, so i set the number five in a basketball court. The hardwood floor was created in photoshop and i used nDo to create the normal texture to make the word "dribbble" engraved into the wood. I then modeled other details like the scoreboard and hoop. There were several iterations of the project that started with the balls floating in:

Then i thought the balls would look interesting if it was in a bounce pattern, so i set them up as a dribble, and sqaushed the one on the floor to feel the sense of gravity pushing the ball down. After that, I added in the other small details to fill the screen with interesting things, and made a gif!


Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, nDo

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Design: d5t Logo