Pixo VR UI Atlas

When I came aboard the Pixo team they were creating UI with each module so I took it upon myself to create an atlas of reusable UMG blueprint UI templates in Unreal. I programmed them to have dynamic elements and to be easy to throw into any project and adapt to the need. These included grid menus, module selection menus, toolbox menus, Assessment menus and more. They are held in their own project for testing and development, any time a situation would arise that we needed to create a new menu layout, it was added the the UI atlas.

Take the Assessment window for example, It has a dynamic grid on the left size, with dynamic text that changes when you select a different grid item, with a banner that updates based on information fed into it by being an open variable in unreal.

Below is an example of the grid system being used in different ways, it was adapted from an assessment window into a chapter selection window.

=== another example is the module selection screen. With the adaptable style you can have 2 static options, or limitless dynamic options as modules get added to the list.

Below is a PPE selector that was created and also used for a tool selection overlayed over a toolbox.

and finally custom, reusable icons for any need in the atlas

Right now every module that Pixo has created has used the UI atlas as a template to create UI elements.


Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Unreal, Maya

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