X-men Fighter

This was fun personal project for getting back into Unity UI development. I created a scriptable object list that contained info for the character name and portrait. I created a prefab that would accept and also send out this information. I then instantiated them into a layout group to organize them. From there I did a Graphic raycast to collect the information from the generated prefab and took that info to where the selected character slot would change with a swipe animation as you hovered over your choices. Then I made a badge icon based on the player color to show which player was making the choice on what character.

I did animations for the "idle" players to beckon them to join in and choose a character. For extra fun I made a particle system that looked like a hero's powers pulsing from the X logo in the background, added the theme song to give an old school game vibe and this was the result!

The player Artwork is not mine, I borrowed a comic cover image, used photoshop to slice the characters i wanted from it so i could have interesting artwork.


Photoshop, Unity, Illustrator, C#

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