Desk Build

Designed and build a desk for my Brother-in-law and old friend JozieB.

I measured their space in the house they just bought, took those measurements and build a scale room in Blender. I made a few different Designs, and they picked a layout. Then to visualize it I added some lighting and textures.

At first we were going to do a living edge wood as a table top but found that these were VERY expensive so we pivoted to a different wood, and I chose edge glued pine. Beautiful grains, nearly seamless and 1 inch and 1/4 thick, so it was very hearty peice of wood. I got 2 2ftx6ft peices, so this is 12ft total desktop space because i didnt end up cutting any length off! just a half circle for the support pole that seconded as a leg after i drilled, and tapped into it to place large L bracket.

I routed the edges at 1/4" so his arms would not fatigue on sharp edges, but since the wood was coming together and i wanted that to be flush, i stopped the router 24" from the edge.

The piping was great to work with, we bought nipple sections that ranged from 3" to 12" and a couple 2ft peices for the legs. this are 3/4" pipes with various peices like cross sections, 90 corners, T sections, and floor flanges. On the middle shelf, i put nub on a 3" peice so that he had a place to rest his headphones.

And this shot is to show how he wanted to be able to see the TV and the couch to still talk to his wife.