3D: Redwall The Scout

While working on The Lost Legends of Redwall: The Scout Act 2 and 3, I served as a Senior Environment Artist. My role was to flesh out grey box level paths into realized spaces. I would make the core of the scene and add the background assets such as the ground, the walls, and use the library of assets to begin set dressing to hand off to the others on the team to finish and add detail to. I would also add to the library of props and buildings when needed.

Starting implementation around greybox: adding details: Final Result:

Another Scene: This next one comes full circle as it was a part of my original art test: [http://www.iancha.se/home/3d-soma-art-test]()

This one was made with the Modular Mole Houses, each house is build from the same 3 assets: [http://www.iancha.se/home/3d-world-creator]() for the base on which this scene was built


Blender, Photoshop, Unity, world creator