The Cost

The cost was a Global Game Jam 2016 game. This was created by a group of 3, Me (Lead Game Design, UI, 2d Art & Animation, particles), Nikhil Kashyap (Game Design, Programmer) and Chuck Galla (Game design, Programmer)

The 2016 GGJ theme was: Ritual

Diwali is an ancient custom of Indian people, and to celebrate, they set off fireworks and more. Unfortunantly the fireworks can cause problems for elderly people, young children, and people with breathing issues. To keep this ritual alive, you must balance both the traditional celebetory side, and the old, young, and sick side.

The project is a game of balance, Keeping a "Ritual" alive while mainting its harmful effects. The longer you keep both bars even and the higher up it is, the more points you get, If one is all the way green, while the other is all the way red, you loose points.

The ambulance button saves the elderly side by sending out an ambulance to assist people. You control the flow of the fireworks like releasing a valve. There are three buttons: small, medium, and large. Each one has a different effect on each side as well as increasing the rate at which fireworks are deployed.

This game requires stragety and balancing skills.


Global Game Jam


Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, C#, After Effects